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14515 Ronnie Lane  Livonia, Mi  48154
Telephone  734–464-7458


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Jerry Pfeifer 01 - President  
Gordon Draper  02 - Vice President  I'm a retired elementary school principal of Livonia Public Schools. Long active in community affairs, I have served in the Boy Scouts of America for over 63 years. One of my several hobbies has been traveling. I have explored 108 countries, each of the world’s 24 time zones, and have been in all of the United States and the Canadian Provinces. In fact, I've finished my goal of visiting all of the 3,141 counties in the United States. Last year I got to the last continent, Antarctica, twice. 
Erin Dobbins 03 - Secretary  
Kathleen Warren 04- Treasurer  
Holly Borrusch 05 -Director   
Jimmy Crowley 06 - Director  
Lilly Drogmiller 07 - Director  
Laura Jackson 08- Director My family has lived in this subdivision for about 14 ½ years. My husband, Jeff, is a computer systems analyst for the U.S. Government. I am currently working as a Kelly temporary employee. My children, Sarah and Daniel, attend Churchill High School and Frost Middle School. I got involved with the SMB Board because I had been active in the children’s parties in the sub (Halloween and Easter) and decided to meet more of my neighbors. I have served on the board for about 10 years. 
Dan Jason 09- Director  
Amy Liebau 10 - Director I have been an SMB member since 1996. I spend my days running around with my kids, volunteering or walking the dog. In my free time, I like to read, scrapbook and garden. 
Bill Stewart  11- Director  
Mark Wojcik  12- Director  
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